Posted by Keely

My darling forever first baby turned 8 years old today.  I am so proud of the sweet girl she has become.  She makes me laugh every single day and I love seeing what creative things and ideas she comes up with.  Her latest endeavor is "girl's club", which is not as exclusive as is sounds because Gavin and Michael have both been inducted.  She has constructed a "club" in our basement.  The wall is covered with drawings and rules related to "girl's club".  She has several members, including family, friends and pets.  

For her birthday, we surprised her by telling her that we were going shopping, but instead took her to Dave and Buster's.  For those of you who don't know, Dave and Buster's is like Chuck-E-Cheese, but with good food and minus the singing mouse.  Here are some pics from the party.



Jenn said...

Wow! Eight years old... I can't believe it. How old does that make us? She is such a beautiful girl... happy she had a fun day. Hugs and kisses to you all!

Tina said...

Liv feels really bad that she didn't send a birthday card on time for Grace's b-day. (mommy's fault..giving birth and all)
I so wish we were there to celebrate with you! Seeing the pics made me cry. Miss you all!

Tafoya Family said...

Tell Gracie Happy Belated B-day from Kaycee. Hope everyone is doing good. Tell your mom that my mom started a blog and she can get there through mine. Just a FYI... Tell everyone hello from us.