Beating the Summer Heat

Posted by Keely

"Screaming Fun"

Grace and Gavin wanted to wash the car. I got them all ready with rags, the hose, soap, and buckets, but as you can see, the car didn't get much attention.

"Rain, Rain, Please Stay"


Our Baby is Three!

Posted by Keely

Gavin turned 3 years old today. I can't believe it! He is growing up so fast. As he says, "mommy, I a big boy". He always likes to tell me the things he can do when he gets big, like opening locked doors, reaching the tall water fountain, and climing to the top of big ladders. Yesterday we were having one of these conversations, and I told him about how when he was little, he was in my belly. He then proceeded to tell me that it was warm in mommy's belly, and there were not any monsters in there. He also said that when he "grows smaller", he will "climb back in there".


B&W Theme

Posted by Michael

Lately, I've been taking pictures in black and white. Kind of a back to basics for me. I really like the way B&W images have a tendency to draw more focus onto your subject(s). Anyway, here is a little sample of our kiddos playing at one of our neighborhood parks.