The peer pressure was too much!

Posted by Keely

We love the Blancas and Mitchell blogs, and decided to create our own. I know that the Craner's is also in the works, so here is that much more pressure to make it happen Tina! This first post is pics from the latest Utah trip. I hope to join the "Flashback Friday" club soon, as we have some great pics from the past.

Summer Utah Trip, July 2008

We rented a mini-van and went to St. George for 3 days. Here is Gavin, all hooked-up and ready to go!

Angie, Melanie and Grace in the Woodcock's pool.

Grace and Kaycee spend so much time in the pool, that the skin on their toes was gone.

Mel and Gavin playing in the pool. Gavin pretty much attached himself to Melanie whenever she was around.

Yee Hoo!

Mel, Grace and Gavin with baby Griffin.

Grandma and Grandpa's Houses Rock!

Dinosaur Park

FrontRunner Trip to Union Station with Burnside Family

Cherry Hill with Liv, Tina, and Scarlett

Beuss Pond with Jen, Tina and Kiddos

Yes, Gavin is naked, so what else is new?